What to expect when we clean your home

You will meet us before deciding if we are right for your needs.  99% of the time, our clients are eager to start our service ASAP.  Your home will be cleaned the same way that you would clean for an elaborate dinner party.  From floor to ceiling and wall to wall, the dust is removed.  Glass knick-knacks, shelves and other items are cleaned, floors swept, mopped, vacuumed and left smelling clean.  Bathrooms are sanitized, linens are changed and beds are made.  You will come home to a home that welcomes you.

Our services do not include rooms that are not finished (no drywall or flooring), garages, closets, attics or rooms that have not been properly picked-up before we arrive.  For your privacy, we do not clean inside cabinets, closets or appliances.  We do require a minimum of 4 rooms be done each time we are in your home.  We accept cash and checks.